INFINAM RG 3101 L and FL 6300 L Photopolymers


For hard or flexible 3D applications, the INFINAM RG 3101 L and FL 6300 L Photopolymers are suitable for use in common photopolymer 3D printing processes such as SLA or DLP.


As a ready-to-use material, the INFINAM RG 3101 L is a specialty resin for use in SLA and DLP 3D printing technologies. It combines excellent impact resistance with high temperature resistance while exhibiting long-lasting thermomechanical performance. 3D components printed from INFINAM RG 3101 L, such as drones, buckles, or automotive parts, can be processed by machine and remain fracture-resistant even when subjected to strong forces.


As the first industrially suitable elastomer from the photopolymer class, INFINAM FL 6300 L enables the additive manufacturing of highly flexible 3D objects that excel in material properties essential for elastomers. In addition to outstanding low-temperature elasticity, its strengths include up to one million load cycles.


  • High impact resistance
  • High temperature resistance
  • High mechanical resistance
  • Very good processability
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