Inflatable Packaging System Offers Flexibility


Sealed Air’s new FillTeck™ inflatable packaging system creates custom-sized cushions that provide superior cushioning, and blocking and bracing for products throughout the shipping cycle. The FillTeck™ system, available in two models, enables operators to select the length and height of the cushioning material at the touch of a button. With the easy-to-use control pad, the operator can select the desired cushion height and length and can even change cushion size in mid-production. The FillTeck™ system produces cushions in various sizes, ranging in height from 1/2 inch to 4 inches. The cushioning material is perforated or cut to a length the operator selects. This flexibility enables the system to produce cushions for narrow cross sections within the carton and eliminate waste by creating cushioning that is perfectly sized to fit around a product for protecting high-value or fragile items. The FillTeck™ system offers a variety of cushion options for different purposes and for a variety of applications. The operator can choose to program the FillTeck™ system to produce one, two or four cushions across the material web and to create different height cushions. For instance, to wrap an item such as a vase or a clock in FillTeck™ packaging, operators can use one of the quilted options which allow the material to fit around irregularly shaped products. To provide cushioning for the bottom, top and sides of a carton, and to accommodate larger items including furniture, operators can create a protective pad by choosing an option with long, tubelike cushions. The cushioned pads provide protection at the bottom of a carton and guard against shock, vibration and damage. A range of markets including furniture manufacturers, parts distributors and book publishers can benefit from this versatile system. Four different film structures are available to meet the performance requirements of different applications. FillTeck™ Standard is designed for light-duty cushioning applications, and FillTeck™ Plus film provides enhanced strength for fragile items. FillTeck™ X film is ideal for heavy products that require durable protection, and the FillTeck™ Anti-Static Plus film is available for those applications requiring anti-static protection. The FillTeck™ 400 system, using 16-inch wide film, produces cushioning material at 16 feet per minute; and the FillTeck™ 600 system, using 24-inch wide film, produces cushioning material at 12 feet per minute.


• Electrical: 100-120 V ~ Single Phase • 16.5 A50/60 Hz • Pneumatic: 80 PSI10 CFM • Weight: 838 lbs.380 kg. • Film Width: 16”406.4mm • Size (LWH): 38.5” x 46.0” x 56.5” • .98m x 1.17m x 1.44m

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