Infrared Gas Tube Heaters


A new four-page brochure describing a broad range of 19 infrared radiant straight tube heaters in more than 80 different configurations for custom designed heating systems that more efficiently meet specific needs is now available from Space-Ray.

The brochure- LTS Series Solutions for Commercial and Industrial Heating– highlights the various features of the Space-Ray LTS Series of Infrared Tube Heaters and include detailed charts, line drawings and illustrations.  Available in both natural and propane gas, the LTS Series infrared tube heaters are available in capacities ranging from 40,000 BTU/hr to 250,000 BTU/hr.  They are well suited for areas with 12 feet or higher ceilings and can be used in straight, L-shape, U-shape or Z-shape configurations.  90-degree elbows and corner reflectors allow mounting near walls, doors or corners for added flexibility. Tube length varies from 15 to 80 feet.

The brochure begins by showing installation photos including fire stations, aircraft hangers, manufacturing plants, automotive repair and maintenance facilities, green houses, sports facilities, restaurants and more. It then details the heater’s features, many of which are not found on competitive units. These include a pull-through system for increased radiant efficiency and greater safety, a self-contained heavy-duty draft inducer for maintenance free operation, heat treated calorized aluminum radiant emitter tube system, burner and control system, reflector system and monitoring light system for on-line diagnosis. This is followed by specifications on the 19 LTS tube heaters, details on natural and propane heater use and various line drawings.
The brochure concludes by giving comprehensive data on each model including emitter tube length, BTU/hr input, mounting heights, clearances and configurations and other specifications and dimensions.

CSA-designed certified, the LTS heaters are designed for both horizontal and vertical venting and can be horizontally mounted for a maximum 75-foot sidewall venting capacity instead of the normal 15-foot capacities in most other units. Heaters are suitable for horizontal or angle mount up to 45o and are certified for incline mounting on up to a 2½-pitch roof surface. Heaters can be vented, common vented and indirect vented based on the application range.

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