Innova-Sonic® In-Line Ultrasonic Flow Meter


Sierra’s new Innova-Sonic® In-Line is targeted to customers as an alternative choice for typical liquid Mag-Meter applications where high performance and affordable pricing are important. The +/- 0.5% of reading accuracy is as good as any typical magnetic flowmeter, but the ability to measure down to zero flow and virtually any clean liquid regardless of conductivity sets Sierra’s Innova-Sonic® In-Line apart. Literally an order-of-magnitude improvement in transit-time ultrasonic flow measurement, Sierra’s PicoFly™ technology is an industry first. PicoFly™ allows ultrasonic transit time-of-flight to be measured in picoseconds 10 -12 (one trillionth of a second) rather than the typical nanoseconds 10 -9 (one billionth of a second). The result is excellent resolution that enables extreme low flow detection. With distinctive features such as high precision, high reliability, high capability and low cost, Innova-Sonic offers low power consumption, digital signal processing with advanced noise filtering capability and outstanding applicability. Our Innova-Sonic® In-line features an accuracy of +/-0.5% of reading and repeatability of +/- 0.07 % of reading, a wide operating temperature range of -40F to +176F (-40C to 80C) and a bi-directional flow range of 0 to 23 fps liquids (0-7 mps). Innova-Sonic® In-Line is an ideal choice for any liquid flow application found in general industry including clean liquid applications. The meter is also tolerant of liquids with the small amount of air bubbles or suspended solids commonly found in most industrial flow applications. Sierra’s Innova-Sonic® In-Line is designed using SLSI technology (Super Large Scale Integration) allowing ten times the component population compared to the typical Integrated circuit. The unique patented in-line spool piece design features a carbon steel flow body available with both ANSI and DN 16 flanges. The Innova-Sonic In-line is easy to program and includes an easily readable 16 character by 2 line backlit display.
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