Innovative Drying Equipment


Maxumizer Air Blower systems use less energy while optimizing powerful drying. The unique approach is in the innovative Maxum Bearing Bridge drive system which permits drying systems to use less energy and effectively run on less horsepower, all while lasting longer. The design properly distributed bearing loads and dramatically reduces heat while improving service life.


Maxum's innovative air blow-off and drying equipment remove water, liquids, and debris, successfully preparing products for assembly, packaging, labeling, inkjet printing, inspection, powder coating, and more using energy efficient blow-off equipment. Whether it is fruit, vegetables, bottles, cans, metal parts, circuit boards, extrusions, or any other air blow-off application, the Maxum mix of creativity and science ensures the success of your application.


  • Bearing Bridge drive system provides industrial durability and extended life
  • Achieves higher output at lower speeds
  • High efficiency system saves energy
  • Molded ABS belt guard with sound dampening
  • Integrates filter housing with internal silencer and safety screen
  • Oversized filter provides longer service life
  • Dual eyelet system for balanced lifting and positioning
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