Innovative Liquid Cold Plates


ATS high-performance liquid cold plates are constructed with an innovative fin design, featuring an optimized aspect ratio, which offers more than 30% improvement in thermal performance compared to other commercially-available cold plates. The cold plates are lightweight and compatible with industry-accepted coolants. They have been leak-tested to 100 psi and feature industry-standard inlet/outlet hole sizes for hassle-free connections. Customization is available to meet the specific requirements of your design, including size, hole patterns to accommodate different devices, and connections for device mounting.

When cooling IGBT modules and high-powered semiconductors, air cooling can be inadequate and liquid cooling is the best alternative. Liquid cold plates are a way to implement localized cooling of power electronics by transferring heat from the device to a liquid that flows to a remote heat exchanger and dissipates the heat into either the ambient or to another liquid in a secondary cooling system.


The internal fin structure enhances the surface area of ATS cold plates to maximize heat transfer with low pressure drop characteristics. The fin structure also provides uniform cold plate surface temperature to optimize the cooling of high-powered devices, such as IGBT.


Combining extensive experience in solving today’s toughest thermal challenges with state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities, ATS liquid cold plates are the right choice for cooling high-powered electronics, IGBT modules, lasers, wind turbines, motor devices, automotive components, medical equipment, and any application where liquid cooling is needed.

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