Innovative Oil Skimmer Helps Extend Coolant Life & Saves on Space


Keeping coolant clean is imperative. Dirty coolant can generate smoke, that all too familiar “rotten egg” smell, and bacterial issues, which can become a health hazard to shop workers. The Oil Boss skimmer keeps coolant free of oil and extends tool and coolant life.The Oil Boss coolant skimmer pumps oil-laden fluid from the sump through its chip-blocking SurfaceSucker. From there, it passes through coalescing media that separates the oil from the coolant. Clean coolant returns to the sump. Skimmed oil is held in a containment area until the operator easily removes the oil via the discharge tap.


Skimmer features:

  • No tubes, mops, disks, or belts or wear out.The filtration media is easily washed out and reused.
  • Eliminate oil containers on the shop floor. The Oil Boss Oil Skimmer uses patent-pending Magni-Cling technology to cling to the side of machines. Keep aisles free of clutter and avoid the risk of kicking containers and causing spills.
  • Pick up hard-to-remove oils that conventional skimmers leave behind.The Oil Boss’s unique SurfaceSucker removes all floating oils. A small footprint fits very tight sumps.
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