Innovative Real-time Plant Floor Data Client


Some uses include unattended site monitoring which allows RemoteLog to be your night watchman. It is also good for energy management. Save money by monitoring energy usage and power demand in real-time. Or create a vendor managed inventory system that will monitor inventory without having to visit each site.

Communicate and exchange information with RemoteLog's open communication options. RemoteLog is internet/intranet ready, and can securely connect through firewalls. Or get to your data through our field-tested internal telephone modem. When a phone line isn't available, use the external wireless modem of your choice. With this many options, you won't have to worry about access to your valuable real-time data.

RemoteLog comes with software that will record and upload real-time data to your central database. No programming is required and field-training requirements are greatly reduced. This "cookie cutter' installation capability puts an end to engineering involvement for each installation site and turns time savings into cost savings.

SIXNET's line of industrial strength products will make your job easier. There's always a product to fit your needs and if there isn't, we'll make one. Visit for more information on RemoteLog, or any SIXNET product.

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