Innovative Traction Drive


High-efficiency traction drives, the MAR-17-1-2.1 and MAR-23-1-2.1 are 1-Way traction drives with only six moving parts and use an engineered traction fluid with a coefficient of friction of just 0.1 to 0.12. 


These traction drives typically last three times longer than conventional gearboxes and with no metal to metal contact, they generate up to 72% less heat after 24 hours of continuous operation.  Additionally, they create up to 38% lower dB at 3,000 rpm (less than a home refrigerator) than conventional gearboxes. Even though there is no metal to metal contact there is no slippage or lost motion between the input and output shafts.


The MAR17-1-2.1 Traction Drive is designed for speeds to 3,600 rpm with 10 to 20 in/lb. of torque, and the MAR-23-1-2.1 Traction Drive is rated for 3,600 rpm with 20 to 30 in/lb. of torque.


Operating at temperatures that are lower than a motor's, with low vibration, and no torque losses from 10 to 3,000 rpm, these traction drives permit a motor to operate at peak efficiency. Applications for these 1-Way traction drives which can operate in explosive environments (ie. zone 1 and 21) include pumps, blowers, fans, turbo and super chargers, conveyers, HVAC systems, medical applications, and other power transmission and motion applications.


These drives are available with an optional overriding clutch. Incorporating standard NEMA mounting dimensions, these drives can be easily integrated into new and existing applications.




  • Two-Ball Design
  • Ball Bearings Lubricated for Life
  • Utilizes Pure Rolling Friction
  • Minimal Amount of Moving Parts Allow for Maximum Energy Transfer Efficiency
  • Operates on 12 degree Angle Between Input and Output Shafts
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