Insightview Advanced Equipment Analytics


Providing manufacturing equipment operators with OEE measurements and advanced analytics, ADISRA InsightView improves operational efficiency and consolidates historical and real-time data into easy-to-understand visual information and reports. It illuminates the entire lifecycle, making it possible to improve efficiencies from as small as a single machine to as large as the lifecycle across many sites.


The cloud-based software platform securely collects local or remote machine and process data. The analytics results can be securely visualized on desktop PCs, browsers, tablets, and mobile devices. It is configurable using simple drag-and-drop templates, and it can also be customized.


To see where improvements would be the most beneficial, InsightView provides a way to categorize the common metric known as the six major losses: planned stops, unplanned stops, small stops, slow cycle, production rejects, and startup rejects.


  • Simplified configuration
  • Standardized frameworks
  • Software-as-a-service model
  • OEE and advanced analytics are accessible to anyone
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