Inspekto S70: Autonomous Machine Vision AI Inspection System


The Inspekto S70 is a fully equipped, out-of-the-box, industrial inspection vision solution with unprecedented simplicity and immediacy. It combines an electro-optics system with autonomous machine vision AI (AMV-AI) technology helping manufacturers automate their industrial quality assurance processes.


The S70 is an edge device that is easy and quick to deploy and is able to inspect products and parts in endless situations with no additional equipment or programming for specific use-cases. The user can unbox the product, trace the outline of the item to inspect with a regular mouse, present 20 to 30 good sample items to the system, and start inspecting and detecting any kind of defect—foreseen or unforeseen.


It's intended for industries such as automotive, machinery, electronics, consumer goods, and many more. Additionally, production processes that can benefit are plastic injection molding, metal casting, coating, mechanical assembly, material removal, incoming goods, and packing &labeling. Inspection processes include assembly & surface verification, the existence or absence of components, the alignment of components, the integrity of parts, and more.



  • Proof of inspection within a day & before you buy
  • Easily transferable across the shop floor


  • Predictable
  • Low TCO
  • Quick & easy installation (45 minutes)
  • Minimal resources to deploy


  • Supports multiple inspection use cases
  • Inspects numerous products with one installation


  • Autonomously adapts to changing conditions
  • Industrial grade hardware
  • Accounts for vibrations

High Performance:

  • Accurate & reliable
  • Scalable

Easy to Use:

  • No machine vision expertise needed
  • Fully contained out-of-the-box solution


  • Industry 4.0, ERP, MES, PLC, & edge computing ready
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