Instant Brake Grinders


Metabo Corporation introduces two new angle grinders that are designed to stop wheel rotation in two seconds or less when the Deadman safety switch is released, greatly reducing the likelihood of injuries. Ideal for heavy duty grinding and cutting applications, both the WEPBA14-125 Quick and WEPBA14-150 Quick feature a long-lasting 12.2 A motor and 1,400 watts of power. The WEPBA14-125 Quick offers a no-load speed of 10,000 rpm and a maximum wheel diameter of 5".  

The WEPBA14-150 Quick provides a no-load speed of 9,000 rpm and a maximum wheel diameter of 6". Both new 'instant brake' grinders offer a mechanical brake system that stops a grinding disc in two seconds or less, or stops thin cutting wheels in one second or less. The system has been tested to 50,000 cycles with no failures. The tools also feature Metabo's auto-balance technology that replaces a traditional backing flange with an auto-balancing flange pressed onto the spindle.  While the tool is in use, ball bearings automatically offset out-of-balance conditions present in the grinding accessory, reducing vibration significantly. This unique feature helps to reduce the risk of cumulative work related disorders, such as white finger syndrome, minimize operator fatigue and increases the life of the grinding disc as well as the tool by a minimum of 50%. 

Each tool also features the Metabo 'S' Automatic safety slip clutch that helps to prevent kickback in the event that a wheel is bound or pinched, further enhancing the overall safety of these angle grinders. Both angle grinders include Metabo's ergonomic Deadman paddle switch and a Quick toolless wheel change system that saves time and energy when replacing wheels, making the operator more efficient. The WEPBA14-125 Quick and the WEPBA14-150 Quick each offer advanced electronics, including an electronic winding temperature monitor with LED display, an electronic soft start feature and electronic speed stabilization that greatly increases productivity. Safety features for both tools include a burst-proof wheel guard with seven stops, anti-vibration side handle, current interruption protection, auto-stop carbon brushes and winding protection grid.


  • stop wheel rotation in two seconds or less
  • no-load speed of 9,000 rpm
  • wheel diameter of 6"

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