Instrumentation Grade Reed Relays


Standex-Meder Electronics announces its CRF series of instrumentation grade reed relays. CRF Series relays are the smallest in the industry, at only 3.4 mm high, and come equipped with an internal magnetic shield that allows engineers to stack them side by side without concern for magnetic coupling effects. These space-saving design features make the CRF Series ideal for low-profile environments, in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional relay matrices. 

The CRF Series has a flat insertion loss curve from DC up to 7 GHz, attained by keeping the signal path as short as possible and using an internal coaxial shield with a consistent 50 Ohm impedance path. As a result, the CRF Series is optimized not only for RF signals, but also digital signals where the skew rates, or effects on the rise time of fast digital pulses, are less than 40 picoseconds through the relay. Standex-Meder has TCE matched all of the internal components for improved reliability, while the external packaging is designed to minimize complications. 

The CRF Series is packaged in rugged epoxy over-molded ceramic, with a heat-conducting alumina substrate that provides low offset voltage of less than 1 µV. The ceramic substrate is also equipped with leadless gold-plated pads, so that the relay can be surface mounted without lead skewing or coplanarity issues. 


  • only 3.4 mm high
  • internal magnetic shield

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