Integrated Scrubber-Sweeper


Tennant Company (NYSE: TNC), a world leader in designing, manufacturing and marketing solutions that create a cleaner, safer world, today introduces its Tennant M30 Scrubber-Sweeper, the second in the company’s industry-leading family of integrated, single-system scrubber-sweepers. The Tennant M30, like the Tennant M20, eliminates the complexity of traditional sweeper-scrubbers (two machines bolted together) by combining a scrubber and a sweeper into a single system called FloorSmart® with a high-capacity, high-dump hopper and dry dust control, allowing the Tennant M30 to deliver superior cleaning results at a dramatically lower total cost of ownership. Designed specifically for large-scale applications, the Tennant M30 is an easy-to-use, simple-to-maintain integrated scrubber-sweeper with dramatically fewer moving parts resulting in more uptime, less downtime, and the maximum in long-life productivity. “Tennant Company’s introduction of the Tennant M30 demonstrates our commitment to providing the industrial marketplace with cleaning technologies that provide superior results both in terms of cleanliness and fiscal responsibility,” said Steven Coopersmith, vice president of global marketing for Tennant Company. “Not only does the Tennant M30 improve productivity, cleanliness, and safety, but it does so while reducing the total cost of ownership.” The Tennant M30 includes a number of customer-centric technologies and capabilities that together provide lifetime value, maximum productivity, consistent cleaning, and increased safety, such as: FloorSmart®—A patent-pending integrated scrubbing and sweeping system that features two main brushes as well as a high-capacity, high-dump hopper with dry dust control. The system allows users to dry sweep or wet scrub or do both simultaneously using the same two brushes. MaxPro²™ Hydraulic Technology—Provides consistent power to the brush drive motors to deliver superior cleaning results. Dura-Track™ Parabolic Squeegee—Designed with high tensile-strength steel to maintain its original structure without bending under pressure to deliver best-in-class performance and connected with a SmartRelease™ breakaway system that protects against damage to the squeegee frame and floor if the squeegee breaks away. Touch-N-Go™ Control Panel—Increases productivity and ease-of-use by remembering previous settings to allow operator to push one button to begin operation. EasyOpen™ Access—Reduces downtime with easily accessed engine and hydraulic components for quick servicing. FaST® (Foam-activated Scrubbing Technology)—A patented system that is NFSI (National Floor Safety Institute) certified as increasing floor traction up to 21 percent, delivering just-scrubbed floors that are immediately clean, quickly dry, and ready for traffic. Hygenic® Tanks with Variable Drain Valve™—Tanks allow for quick and easy access to the recovery and solution tanks for inspection and sanitization. Valve controls the flow of both solution and recovered water to empty tanks without the traditional fuss and mess. “With the Tennant M30, Tennant Company is continuing its tradition of introducing technologies that will have a direct and positive impact on our customers, their facilities, and their bottom line,” said Coopersmith. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor scrubbing and sweeping, the Tennant M30 offers a cleaning path up to 64 inches (163 cm), a 75-gallon (284 liters) solution/recovery usable tank capacity, and a 7-cubic foot (198 liter) usable hopper. It requires no tools to change the brush, squeegee, or new washable synthetic dust filter, which filters at 99% overall efficiency.
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