Intelligent AI Sorter


The NanoRanch A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) Sorter uses vision to identify and sort a vast and customizable range of nonferrous materials, providing greater than 95% accuracy when the machine is trained with samples.


Inspired by the natural vision and featuring the speed and reliability of a computer, it sorts a wide range of materials, including coins from zebra, reds from whites, and printed circuit boards (PCBs) from zurik or zorba.


The sorter has a capacity of 1,000 lb. per hour and handles materials from .5 to 1-in. Eriez currently offers a 20-in. standard A.I. Sorter unit which includes a common frame, control, feeder, splitter, and discharge chutes. The company says it will expand the line in the near future to add units in other sizes.



  • Technology: Vision sorting with Artificial Intelligence Technology
  • Capacity: 1,000 lb./hr per separation
  • Product (Feed): Various nonferrous from 1/2 to 1 in.
  • Recovery: +95% for each separation
  • Includes: frame, controls, feeder, splitter, and discharge chutes
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