Intelligent Digital Sorting & Inspection Platform


Equipped with a suite of belt and chute-fed sorters, multi-sensor data fusion, advanced auto-learn and self-adjusting capabilities, and the highest resolution cameras and laser sensors available, VERYX digital sorting system achieves new levels of detection and discrimination of foreign material and product defects.  

For food processors requiring true, full-product surface inspection of each object, Key can configure VERYX sorters with sensor arrangements that eliminate blind spots to maximize FM and defect removal. On belt-fed systems, the bottom cameras are positioned away from product splatter to ensure the lower sensor windows are not obstructed by buildup over time. Eliminating this previously common performance degradation factor keeps bottom cameras continually operating at peak performance and makes VERYX the first sorter to offer sustained 100% surface inspection throughout the production cycle.

Next-generation cameras and laser sensors offer twice the resolution capability of previous generation sorters to detect and remove the smallest defects and FM. With up to 4 channels of information from cameras and up to 8 channels of information from the laser scanner, combined with advanced LED lighting that operates at optimal frequencies in relation to each sensor, Key customizes every VERYX sorter to perfectly match the customer’s requirements, from basic to the most complex. The new product separation / ejection system is also tailored to each product application, with the distance between nozzles and the power of the valves varying for optimal management of the sort streams.


  • Applications: Sorting fresh, frozen and dried vegetables and fruits, processed potato products, nuts and other products.
  • Information Channels: 4 (from cameras), 8 (from laser scanner)
  • Platform Width (belt-fed): 700 to 2,100 mm
  • Platform Width (chute-fed): 700 to 1,400 mm
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