Intelligent Drive with Integrated Motion Controller


iPOS4808 MY-CAT-STO intelligent drive with integrated motion controller offers 1 kW of peak power and Safe Torque Off functionality via a dedicated HW implementation. This allows users to reduce the system’s cost, while increasing the safety level of their application.

The compact, flexible drive acts as a plug-in solution for multi-axis systems requiring accurate position control and an EtherCAT interface.It is meant for high-end applications, such as dual-loop control, where its advanced control architecture and ability to integrate up to 9 digital filters, makes the difference in terms of motion control performance.


  • Compatible Motor Power Rating: 48 v; 8 a/20 a
  • Integrates up to 9 digital filters
  • Brushed DC, brushless DC, stepper or linear motors can be controlled by the drive
  • Feedback types: incremental TTL or sin/cos encoders to absolute SSI or BiSS position sensors
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