Intelligent Illumination Technology Changes Traditions


Intelligent Illumination is a patent-pending end-of-line solution destined to significantly change the way operators maintain their machines.


The concept is simple enough: blue light is good, red is bad. But, this basic spectrum could save manufacturers thousands of hours in wasted productivity.


Intelligent Illumination essentially alerts end user personnel on the floor of issues, then allows them to pinpoint and fix the problem without even consulting the Human Machine Interface.


The machine detects when attention is needed and immediately causes the LEDs at that specific location to illuminate in a particular color. This alerts the operator to the machine condition.


If the machine is running smoothly and requires no immediate attention, the LED lighting will glow with a soothing blue. In the event operator intervention is required, the LED lighting will switch from blue to amber, red, or other colors depending on the action needed.


Once the operator has opened the guard door where the problem exists, the lighting within the machine turns to white task lighting, which allows proper visibility for the operator.



  • LED technology proactively cues operators where attention is needed
  • Task lighting illuminates the machine, allowing operators clear visibility to perform maintenance
  • Allows operators to perform basic upkeep without consulting the HMI
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