Intelligent Pneumatic Agitator Control


A solution for pneumatic pumps and agitators, Intelligent Paint Kitchen (IPK) control extends remote management to industrial paint supply and circulation systems with all types of finishing equipment. 


The Intelligent Paint Kitchen is a smart set of sensors, actuators, and control modules that communicate with each other to optimize factory paint circulation and supply. It allows pump control (pressure and flow
rates), tank control (tank levels and agitator speeds), and overall (remote) control.


In addition to Graco E-Flo DC electric pumps, the Intelligent Paint Kitchen (IPK) now delivers closed-loop pressure, flow mode, and a new hybrid mode to these Graco pneumatic pumps: Endura-Flo, Glutton, and High-Flo (with
NXT/XL motor). IPK can manage both electric and pneumatic equipment at the same time.


A new agitator profile controls electric and/or pneumatic agitators by

  • Maintaining consistent agitation speeds
  • Reducing speed according to the level of material in a tank
  • Alternating agitator on and off times
  • Setting production and off-production modes
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