Internal Diameter Gripper


>SAS< Automation announces a new Internal Diameter Gripper (IDG) ideal for parts that are heavy, fragile, or have an irregular shape.  
The IDG grips and releases on command and is highly recommended for manipulating breakable parts as well as heavy parts.  Unlike standard clamps, the IDG distributes force evenly over the entire contact area which is why they are most often used for irregular shaped parts.
This new IDG is a cost effective solution when compared to bladder grippers and automated or magnetic clamps.
Significant Features:
·        Secures heavy parts

·        Rubber strips ensure a secure grip – and can be replaced at very low cost.

·        Nose adapter can easily be customized for locating or  part stabilization.

 “This new gripper is simply a better clamping method – at a reduced cost,” said Rob Dalton, General Manager for >SAS< Automation.  “We are proud to have delivered a cost effective and better handling solution during this recession.”
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