Intesis OCPP Modbus Gateway for EV Industry


One of the most used protocols in the EV industry is OCPP, a standard that provides monitoring and control of the EV Charging point operations such as starting or stopping the charge, managing users or reading out energy parameters. While used by many EV charging point manufacturers, it is not a protocol frequently used in BMS or Building Automation controllers.


The Intesis protocol translator provides a standard solution that connects the EV and BMS markets. It allows BMS system integrators and EV charging point manufacturers to provide basic monitoring and control of OCPP 1.6-compatible EV charging points from any Modbus-based automation system in an easy, cost-efficient, and reliable way. The gateway enables the Modbus BMS to manage EV users, charging operations, and every measurement provided by the EV Charger, so the BMS can provide control, maintenance services, and energy reporting to the building owner. The gateway is available in two versions: one for 1 charger and 7 connectors, and one for or up to 20 chargers and 7 connectors each.


The gateway is configured using Intesis MAPS free configuration tool for all Intesis protocol translators. Intesis MAPS is designed to easily discover the OCPP chargers in the network and integrate them in the Building Automation system, using a standard register map that simplifies the integration into any Modbus TCP or RTU BMS.


The combination of Intesis MAPS and the Intesis OCPP to Modbus TCP/RTU protocol translator makes integration of electric vehicles to Building Management Systems easy, helping building owners to optimize the use of the EV technology in their facilities and get ready for the EV revolution.


  • Support for OCPP 1.6 JSON
  • Support for Modbus RTU and TCP
  • Flexible Modbus configuration (Baudrate, Data type)
  • OCPP Scan to search Chargers in the network
  • Fix Modbus register map
  • OCPP operations supported in BMS CS mode:
  • -Authorize, RemoteStart/Stop Transaction, Start/StopTransaction, Local list management, HeartBeat and MeterValues
  • OCPP readings supported in External CS mode:
  • - Charger info, availability and MeterValues
  • Reduced dimensions, compact housing
  • UL certified
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