Toms River, New Jersey, June, 2005 —Heyco Products, Inc., industry leader in the design andmanufacture of molded wire-protection products and stamped electrical components, is now the exclusiveNorth American source for Flexicon products of Europe. Heyco announces immediate availability of Flexicon FPI Corrugated Nylon Electrical Conduit.

New Product: Flexicon FPI Corrugated Nylon Electrical Conduit.

Design: Flexicon, Ltd. — Europe’s premier manufacturer of OEM-grade nylon conduit and threaded fittings, for “demanding” electrical applications worldwide.

Product Applications: Flexicon FPI Corrugated Nylon Electrical Conduit offers highly flexible, durable wire protection solutions, ideal for use in a broad range of OEM applications. Exceptional fatigue- and impact-resistant operating life are key qualities of the product line.

Flexicon FPI protects current-carrying wires and cord sets frommoisture, debris, insects, and animals. Flexicon FPI is resistant to everyday wear and tear, associated with repetitivemotion in robotics, automation and other continuously flexing OEM applications.

Product Description: Flexicon FPI Corrugated Nylon Electrical Conduit provides protection fromoils, solvents, abrasives and ultraviolet light. It remains incredibly flexible and crush-resistant,making it ideal for use in wide-ranging, often severe applications.

A range of standard industry sizes from13mmto 54mmis available formaximum versatility. Flexicon FPI extruded, corrugated nylon conduit is halogen-, sulfur- and phosphorous-free, tominimize safety concerns.

Flexicon FPI Corrugated Nylon Electrical Conduit is temperature rated -58ºF to+230º F, has lowsmoke and toxicity ratings, and is self-extinguishing for safety in any environment. Flexicon FPI Corrugated Nylon Electrical Conduit is designed towork readilywith Flexicon straight, 45º or 90º nylon fittings.

Construction & Finishes: Flexicon FPI Electrical Corrugated Nylon
Conduit is constructed fromdurable, corrosion-resistant polyamide 12 nylon for safe, reliable use in applications that carry salt water, weak acids, gasoline, greases, oils and more. Heavy-weight nylon 12, or extra low fire hazard nylon 6, Construction may be alternately specified. Flexicon FPI Corrugated Nylon Electrical Conduit is highly flame retardant, UL listed, IP-66, 67 or 68 rated and tested to EN60529. Standard conduit and tubing color is black; gray and other colors are also available.
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