Introduces the New MC 5M Extremely Miniature Industrial Shock Absorber


ACE Controls Inc. announces the introduction of the new extremely miniature MC 5M industrial shock absorber. Only 1.18 inches in length, this mighty miniature is the smallest in the ACE family of miniatures. The MC 5M offers 3 effective weight ranges from .22 to 11.1 lbs (.49 to 18.74 kg), with an energy per cycle rating of 6 in-lbs (0.68 Nm).

The fully threaded steel body is ideal for mounting in confined spaces.

Applications for this smallest of the small miniatures includes: office and medical equipment, instrumentation, circuit board production, small slides, packaging equipment, small robotics and more.

ACE Controls Inc. is an ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer with a global customer service network that includes offices in England, Germany and Japan with distributors in over 110 cities in 35 countries. The product lines of ACE Controls include: industrial and safety shock absorbers, gas springs, hydraulic dampers, rotary dampers, feed controllers, TUBUS elastomer bumpers and NuCushions for pneumatic cylinders.
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