Introduces the WinCON Hybrid PC/PLC Controller


ICP DAS USA, Leading manufacturer of programmable logic controllers (PLC), and data acquisition systems (DAS), is introducing an innovative new line of hybridized stand alone PC/PLC controllers.

ICP’s newest creation, the WinCON hybrid PC/PLC controller, effectively bridges the gap for consumers looking to streamline integration of a powerful and expandable PLC into their automation application. The WinCON controllers use proprietary Microsoft Windows software to integrate PC and PLC all into one, conveniently allowing human machine interface (HMI), as well as programmable logic, all from one controller.

The true power behind this controller is the integrated standalone 206Mhz Intel Strong ARM CPU, running 64MB SRAM, 32MB Flash Memory, 16kb EEPROM, with a real time clock, a 10 Base T Ethernet port, video port, 2 PS/2 ports for keyboard and mouse integration, as well as a compact flash slot with 128MB compact Flash, a 1.1 USB port, and Windows CE 4.1 pre installed. The WinCON unit is programmable in limitless languages, including but not constrained to: Ladder Logic, Flow Chart, Studio.Net, VB.Net, VC, C#, ISaGRAF, as well as countless others.
As with all ICP DAS products, the WinCON series controllers have exceeded all aspects of stringent industrial testing, and have already proven resilient to even the most brutal conditions our consumers have exposed them to. Encased in a controller only slightly larger than competitor’s PLCs, the WinCON offers the ultimate in hardware size, efficiency, and reliability. From a software perspective, the Windows software has proven to be crash resilient, as well as streamlined enough to eliminate virtually all of the risk associated with running standard Windows in an industrial application. With the hybridized features of both a powerful PC, and industry leading PLC, the WinCON offers consumers amazing stand-alone capability at a fraction of the price normally associated with developing a dedicated PLC based automated application.

ICP feels that the WinCON series controllers present an endless array of solutions for almost any type of application requiring an accurate and reliable PC/PLC combination, without the hassle of sourcing and integrating a dedicated PC to allow HMI interface.

Founded in 1993, ICP DAS is an industry innovator in the Industrial Data Acquisition and Embedded Control fields. For more than a decade, the company has been firmly dedicated to developing cutting edge Industrial Control, Data Acquisition, and Intelligent Communication products that enable integrators, OEMs and industrial users to implement completely reliable, cost-effective, and flexible embedded control and data acquisition systems. Through technological innovation, and excellent customer service, ICP DAS has built a reputation as a world-wide supplier of high quality, Industrial Data Acquisition and Control Products.
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