Inverted-Mount SCARA robot for High-Speed Packaging Applications


Adept Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ:ADEP), the leading provider of intelligent vision-guided robotics and global robotics services, unveils its new Cobra s800 Inverted robot. The Cobra 800 Inverted robot is the only SCARA robot designed exclusively for high-speed packaging with fully integrated vision and conveyor tracking. This high-speed SCARA robot is designed for overhead mounting and features Adept’s unique servo-controls and amplifiers embedded into the base of the robot. This unique design minimizes cabling and reduces the amount of space required inside a control cabinet. Specifications for this new robot include an 800mm reach, a 210mm vertical axis, and a maximum payload of 5.5kg. Designed to make use of available ceiling space, the Cobra s800 Inverted robot is ideal for over-the-belt high-speed packaging for multiple industries, including food and beverage, medical, pharmaceutical, personal care products and electronics. Additional applications for this robot include material handling, machine tending, dispensing, and other automated applications where standard floor-mounted SCARA robots will not fit in the available workspace. The Cobra s800 Inverted is controlled by Adept’s small but powerful, SmartController CX™, which can control up to 24 additional axes of motion. As with all Adept robots, the Cobra s800 Inverted may be used in various configurations and in conjunction with other Adept robots. One such configuration is the mounting of a Cobra robot on an invert-mounted, Adept Python linear module (single axis) to provide traversing capability which enables the robot to cover a wider work area. Another possible configuration is a dual robot configuration, with two robots running on a single controller and in a common workspace with collision avoidance. The Cobra s800 Inverted supports sAVI and AdeptSight™ machine vision systems to identify randomly oriented parts for robot guidance and part inspection. The AdeptVision sAVI Guidance option enables the user to add vision inspection and/or vision guidance to any Adept robot, including the Cobra s800 Inverted robot. Interfacing motion and vision is simple since the vision instructions are completely integrated into V+ (operating system) and AIM MotionWare™ (application software). AdeptSight™ is an easy-to-use, standalone vision guidance package. Incorporated into the Adept DeskTop™ PC-based development environment, it integrates vision guidance with the complete line-up of Adept Cobra SCARA, Adept Viper 6-axis and Adept Python linear robots.
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