IO-Link Configurator Reduces Downtime


Using the IO-Link communication system to connect intelligent sensors and actuators to the controller significantly reduces the amount of time required. Sensors connect quickly and without any errors using a pre-assembled cable, while automated commissioning is made possible by means of downloading parameter sets. IO-Link offers complete transparency right down to the sensor/actuator level and it enables precision diagnosis and simplified device replacement, which considerably reduces downtime and maintenance costs.


Weidmüller provides support for IO-Link with u-remote, the flexible I/O system for streamlined planning and accelerated commissioning. Whether using it as a control cabinet system, in mixed applications in the IP20 and IP67 degrees of protection or placing directly in the field, u-remote provides the user with all the freedoms of a flexible I/O architecture and offers the advantages of a consistent overall system. The u-remote integrated configuration tool enables convenient parametrization and configuration, independently of the implemented field bus/network protocol.


With u-remote in IP67, users can increase the feed-in to the I/O system to 16 A. This means that a larger number of consumers can connect to a line—considerably reducing the wiring required.


The u-remote IO link module in IP 20 and the connected IO-Link devices can be integrated, parametrized or configured using the configuration tool on the web. The configuration is performed directly by the field bus coupler on to the IO-Link Master and in turn, from there on to IO-Link devices. With the configuration tool, project files can be archived, distributed, and modified locally.


  • Connection for 4 IO-Link devices 
  • IO-Link standard according to IEC 61131-9 
  • Protocol support IO-Link v.1.0 and v.1.1 
  • Max. 20 m wire length 
  • Internal data width 4-32 bytes, configurable
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