IO-Link Converter for RS232 Devices


A simple and practical solution for connecting RS232 devices directly to IO-Link is offered with the IO-Link converter. The converter lets you connect devices like barcode scanners, printers or RS232 controllers directly to an IO-Link terminal.


The expensive alternative of using additional special components such as RS232 cards for integration into the respective controller is now superfluous. The path is finally cleared for the user to switch to IO-Link and enjoy all the advantages of this modern communication standard. For example, he can reliably monitor all the devices and quickly configure them from one central location.


With dimensions of 118 x 18 mm and a weight of just 100 g, the converter features a rugged IP67, stainless-steel housing and digital inputs (2 x PNP, type 3). Highly visible LEDs make diagnostics easier. Connection to IO-Link is made via a 4-pin M12 plug. On the RS232 side an 8-pin M12 female is provided. This also provides 24V power for the RS232 device.



  • For bi-directional communication between RS232 and IO-Link
  • Two digital inputs
  • RS232 devices powered with 24 V DC
  • Easy diagnostics capabilities with status LEDs
  • High-quality, rugged IP67 stainless steel housing for strict requirements
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