IoT Monitoring Solution


Aranet offers wireless IoT monitoring solutions for a variety of businesses. The simple to use environmental monitoring systems offers innovative 3km/1.9mi line-of-sight range between the wireless sensors and base stations. Aranet is suitable for large industrial site applications as well as smaller compounds.


Aranet product line consists of two solutions – Aranet MINI for smaller site size applications, and the Aranet PRO for industrial-grade deployment.


Aranet consists of a base station and wireless sensors that have exceptionally low energy consumption that allows them to function up to 10 years without battery replacement. The user can add up to 100 sensors per one base station.


Aranet PRO comes with a free software. Easy to use interface allows viewing, analyzing and comparing data in real time from a computer, tablet or even a smartphone.


These capabilities offer new solutions for different businesses including food manufacturing, grocery stores, warehouse management, building management, hotels and restaurants, agricultural facilities, greenhouses and many others.


Centralized data aggregation saves time and money by eliminating potential human error and saving time previously spent on manual data gathering. New streams of data improve decision-making and process optimization.

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