IoT MRO Inventory Solution


Part of the Regal IoT offering, the Tag-It program creates a path for continuous facility improvement by enabling faster maintenance and simplifying the MRO procurement process. In addition, users can easily add Perceptiv diagnostic services remote monitoring to keep an eye on critical equipment. This 24/7 monitoring technology helps customers increase equipment reliability and maximize production. The combination of hardware, software, and “humanware” provides a new way for users to interact with Regal products and their equipment.


The Perceptiv intelligence platform is an interconnected matrix of smart, digital solutions bundled with the Tag-It program to simplify asset management for maintenance and procurement teams. It enables users to reduce maintenance time, streamline the procurement process and achieve inventory objectives by integrating data silos. Plus, users can manage everything in one place using the Perceptiv intelligence IoT platform.


With the Tag-It program, users can scan a QR code and obtain product information to correctly identify units and minimize errors. This allows facilities to obtain the right parts at the right time to help maintain a safe and productive operation. By adding Perceptiv services condition monitoring to the Tag-It program, users can remotely identify equipment issues and take action before unplanned downtime occurs.


The Tag-It program facilitates standardization and optimization of MRO inventory and minimizes the number of SKUs. With this solution, replacement equipment can be obtained faster and installed during scheduled maintenance times, reducing costs and downtime.

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