IRB 365 FlexPicker


Expanding the FlexPicker Delta robot portfolio, the IRB 365 is a five-axis robot for lightweight picking, packing, and reorientation of products in F&B, pharmaceuticals, and consumer goods applications. With a 3.3 lb. (1.5 kg) payload, the robot handles products such as cookies, chocolates, peppers, candies, small bottles, and parcels. The robot has been developed responding to the rise in e-commerce demand for shelf ready packaged goods. It is ideal for applications where production line speed and adaptability are essential.


From product reorienting, top-loading, and secondary packaging, to bottle handling, unscrambling, 3D picking, feeding, and parcel sorting, the IRB 365 meets a wide variety of applications. Powered by the OmniCoreT C30 controller - the smallest Delta robot controller on the market - the system offers best-in-class motion control, built-in digital connectivity, and 1000+ additional software hardware functions ready to meet future demands and requirements.


Through ABB’s PickMaster Twin software, the IRB 365 can be integrated into packaging lines in a matter of hours.


As the latest member of ABB’s portfolio of robots for picking and packing, the IRB 365 can be paired with other robots including the IRB 390 to pick, handle, and pack.


  • Flexibility: 5 axes capability increases application flexibility for Shelf Ready Packaging, parcel sorting, and bottle unscrambling
  • Speed: Pick, reorientate, and place 2.2 lb. (1 kg) products at 120 picks per minute, the fastest in the class
  • Productivity: PickMaster Digital Twin reduces commissioning times from days to hour and changeover times from hours to minutes
  • Powered by OmniCore controller: Offers best-in-class motion control, built-in digital connectivity, and 1000+ additional functions
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