IRB 5710 and IRB 5720 Robots


With eight variants in payloads from 154.3 to 396.8 lb. (70 to 180 kg), the robot families IRB 5710 and 5720 deliver increased productivity for complex manufacturing applications, including EV manufacturers, foundry, forging, rubber, plastics, and metal fabrication. They feature added speed and flexibility for material handling, a robust design including integrated process cabling, and reaches from 7.5 to 9.8 ft (2.3 to 3 m).


Enabling performance with higher uptime, the families are particularly suitable for production tasks in EV manufacturing, such as battery module picking and placing, high-precision assembly, and parts handling. The robots feature excellent position repeatability, path repeatability, and path accuracy.


Controlled by the OmniCore controller V250XT, the families offer class-leading speed, improving production capacity with lower manufacturing times. The LeanID Integrated DressPack enables process cables to be routed inside the robot’s upper arm and along the wrist, facilitating safety by eliminating swinging cables and protecting against heat and collisions. The ranges have multiple mounting options, including floor, angled, inverted, and semi-shelf.


  • TrueMove and QuickMove software enables best-in-class motion control, improved cycle times, and path accuracy
  • Increased speed and shorter cycle times
  • LeanID Integrated DressPack reduces cable wear and tear and lengthens service interval
  • Robust design with a rigid structure increases uptime
  • Multiple mounting options for flexible production layouts
  • Built to operate in harsh environments
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