Isolation Power Transformers for Automation, Automotive, & Smart Grid Applications


PH9385 transformer series achieves 12 mm creepage in a low-profile, 17x16x7mm surface mount package, and is used for communications interfaces such as RS485, CAN, MODBus, and ProfiBus for automation, automotive, and smart grid applications.
The transformer is built with a unique Sidecar package that has the coil inserted at one side of the open package and the high isolation pins placed on the other side. This configuration separates the coil and pins so there is a greater creepage distance between them. It also enables the package to be smaller while still maintaining an optimal creepage distance. Tube and tape-and-reel packaging is available.


  • available in tube and tape-and-reel packaging
  • Prices start at about $0.84 (FCA HK) for 10,000 pieces
  • Lead time is eight weeks
  • Samples are immediately available
  • 17 x 16 x 7 mm surface mount package
  • 12mm creepage
  • RoHS-compliant
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