JOYSCAPE Heavy-Duty Joysticks


Heavy-duty joysticks for outdoor machines and other applications are now available from the JOYSCAPE line. For control components that need to meet extremely demanding requirements, the platform concept enables a standard design base to be combined with customized multi-function joysticks.


RAFI integrates buttons, rocker switches, thumb joysticks, rotary encoders, and LEDs as required. All joysticks have options for CAN/CANopen, analog or USB interfaces. Employing wear-free, noncontact, electronic 3D Hall sensors for motion detection, the heavy-duty joysticks achieve a long operation lifetime. They are built to sustain 5,000,000 operating cycles even in extreme conditions and at temperatures between -40 to 185°F (-40 to 85°C).


The joystick has 110 Nm impact strength in the X and Y directions. It handles pressure up to 1,000 N and tensile loads up to 500 N in the Z direction. The ferromagnetic, high-alloy steel housing shields the sensor system for added protection.


Due to its high center of rotation and large 20-deg. tilt angle, the joystick only needs a small, 2.5-in. (65 mm) wide mounting hole. In addition, it's suitable for bellows with a minimum of folds, which makes this an easy-to-clean solution. The joystick is very compact, featuring a mounting depth of only 2 in. (50 mm) and 3 x 3 in. (77 x 77 mm) flange dimensions.


  • System integration and scalable technology thanks to in-house production
  • Space-saving platform solutions with standard modules
  • Customer and application-specific handles
  • Wear-free 3D Hall sensors
  • Wide range of gates, angles of deflection, and operating forces for outstanding operating comfort
  • Illuminated handles for use in mobile applications after dark
  • Easy cleaning for high hygiene standards thanks to special folding bellows
  • Redundant design of sensor systems for applications with high safety requirements
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