JSE510 Series Solid End Mills


As a family of flexible and reliable solid end mills, the JSE510 Series, machined in steels, stainless steels, cast iron, titanium, and some aluminum, has been redesigned to offer the rigidity, chip control, and tool life to achieve the lowest possible costs per meter.


The series targets general engineering, contract manufacturers, and job shops, as well as aerospace, medical, and automotive industries. The design is reoptimized to stand up to tough milling applications with a versatile carbide grade, advanced polished SIRA coatings, and a strong cutting edge. To extend tool life, these tools offer vibration-damping variable pitch design and optimized helix.

The Seco JSE510 family includes 216 tools in four geometries, with two length variants in the three and four-flute version, normal (LV2) and long (LV3). The two-flute JSE512 easily handles the large chips produced in helical interpolation or peck drilling, keyways, and slotting applications, while the three-flute JSE513 offers universal milling performance for ramping, full slotting, and side milling. The four-flute JSE514 is ideal for optimized side milling and slotting, as well as dynamic milling. Finally, the ball-nose end mill geometry of the JSB512 offers the flexibility required for finishing parts and other ball-nose applications.


  • 216 total tools
  • 4 geometries (2-flute JSE512, 3-flute JSE513, 4-flute JSE514, and ball-nose JSB512)
  • 2 lengths (normal/LV2 and long/LV3)
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