KCI/KBI 1300 Encoder Series for Robots


With its small dimensions and high reliability, the KCI/KBI 1300 series of inductive rotary encoders are made specifically to support compact servomotors for collaborative and service robots.


Each lightweight KCI 1319 / KBI 1335 encoder includes a 25 mm hollow shaft and inductive scanning technology that makes it insensitive to contamination and magnetic fields. The encoder communicates using the high-speed EnDat 2.2 interface which also allows for additional information, such as temperature or diagnostics, to be communicated as well.


In structure, these rotary encoder kits consist of a scanning unit and a rotor. The rotary encoder can be offered in two different versions: one variant consists of a graduated disk that is directly screwed onto the mating shaft; the other variant is a disk/hub assembly that is press-fit onto the mating shaft.


The rotar unit is screw-fastened or press-fitted for direct coupling. This rigid design permits high vibrational loads of up to 400 m/s² on the stator and 600 m/s² on the rotor. The inductive scanning method is also resistant to contamination and magnetic fields.


Rotary encoders of this series are available with functional safety and a functionally safe mechanical connection. Once integrated into an application with up to SIL 3 safety, they minimize malfunctions and facilitate the safe operation of machines and systems.


For a wide variety of applications, this series offers the right encoder, including a multiturn version with a battery-buffered revolution counter for up to 65,536 revolutions or a version with external temperature sensor support. The rotary encoders of this series feature high ruggedness and reliability in a compact design and their small footprint makes them ideal for tight installation spaces.


  • Contamination-resistant inductive circumferential scanning
  • Compact height
  • Connection to large hollow shafts with 25 mm, compared to the external dimensions
  • Large mounting tolerances
  • No calibration run for increased accuracy necessary
  • Insensitivity to magnetic fields of up to 30 mT
  • Connection of an external temperature sensor
  • Purely-serial EnDat 2.2 interface / functional safety planned
  • High axial tolerance of up to ±0.5 mm
  • Hollow through shaft with Ø 25 mm
  • Robust inductive scanning
  • Positioning accuracy of down to ±90 in.
  • 524,288 positions/rev.
  • Maximum operating temperature: 115°C
  • Interface: EnDat
  • Housing diameter ≈ 56 mm
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