KEPDirect Ethernet Base Controller I/O Server


The KEPDirect EBC I/O server is a 32-bit application that provides a way to connect your favorite Windows client software to AutomationDirect Ethernet I/O, through our EBCs (Ethernet Base Controllers)OR our DURApulse and GS series AC motor drives with the use of a Ethernet interface module (GS-EDRV) installed. This means that any industrial HMI/SCADA, data historian, MES or ERP software package that includes an OPC client driver (most do!) can connect directly to DL205, DL405, Terminator Ethernet I/O or DURApulse and GS series AC drives by way of a GS-EDRV module. The KEPDirect EBC I/O server provides an interface to your Ethernet EBC I/O using industry-standard OPC (Object linking and embedding for Process Control(OLE)), so you are free to choose almost any software package.

Best-in-class Ethernet I/O, along with best-in-class software, is now your choice with the KEPDirect EBC I/O server. Features include:

•High-performance, certified OPC-compliant connectivity via Ethernet, with unparalleled compatibility and performance

•DL205, DL405, Terminator EBC or GS-EDRV module support through 10Base-T and 10Base-FL Ethernet interfaces

•Analog and discrete I/O support in the DL205, DL405 or Terminator I/O families, along with select high-speed counter/pulse output modules

•ASCII in/out support from any EBC on-board RS232 serial port

•Sample client application included for easy troubleshooting

•GS and DURApulse series drive support via the GS-EDRV Ethernet interface

What can I do with it?

•Connect your favorite HMI/ SCADA software to low-cost AutomationDirect EBC I/O systems over a 10 Mb Ethernet network.

•Connect to one of our DURApulse or GS series AC drives via a GS-EDRV module and have the ability to control start/ stop, speed and many other drive functions.

•Design a low-cost data acquisition/ monitoring system using affordable AutomationDirect DL205 PLC, DL405 PLC, or Terminator I/O. Combine any ASCII serial devices to the on-board EBC serial port for interfacing intelligent devices like bar code readers, weigh scales, labelers, and more.

•Interface custom VisualBASIC or Visual C++ applications to AutomationDirect EBC I/O systems and eliminate time-consuming driver development.


Read over these application notes (PDF documents) for examples of applications and uses of the KEPDirect EBC I/O server:

•AN-DSD-004: Using AutomationDirect Terminator I/O in conjunction with KEPDirect to provide a low cost Ethernet remote condition monitoring solution for various OPC/ DDE compliant computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) programs.

•AN-GS-012: Using an AutomationDirect GS-EDRV to gain access to drive parameters for monitoring and control via KEPDirect software


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