KEPDirect for PLCs (OPC and DDE)


Connect DirectLOGIC PLCs through serial or Ethernet to your PC via OPC (Object linking and embedding for Process Control(OLE)) or Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) for easy data acquisition or control at an affordable price.

What is it?
The KEPDirect for PLCs Server is a 32-bit application that provides a way to connect your favorite Windows client software to AutomationDirect DirectLOGIC PLCs. This means that any industrial HMI/ SCADA, data historian, MES or ERP software package that includes an OPC client driver (most do!) can connect directly to DirectLOGIC PLC serial or Ethernet ports.

The KEPDirect for PLCs Server provides an interface to your DirectLOGIC PLC using industry-standard OPC (OLE for process control or Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE)), so you are free to choose almost any software package. Best-in-class PLCs, along with best-in-class software, is now your choice with the KEPDirect for PLCs Server.

DirectLOGIC 305 (DL305) CPUs are NOT supported by the KEPDirect for PLCs Server.
The DSData Server product (PC-DSDATA) is now obsolete. Use KEPDirect for PLCs instead (PC-KEPPLC-x).

What's it got?

•High-performance, certified OPC-compliant connectivity via Ethernet, with unparalleled compatibility and performance

•DirectLOGIC DL05, DL105, DL06, DL205, and DL405 support through RS232, RS422 serial or 10Base-T and 10Base-FL Ethernet ECOM interfaces

•Sample client application included for easy troubleshooting

•Auto generate tag names by importing DirectSOFT32 project Nicknames and Descriptions

How do I use it?

Simply install the KEPDirect for PLCs Server on the same PC (or on the same network) as your client application, then enable the OPC client driver for direct access to any DirectLOGIC PLCs on the network.

What can I do with it?

•Connect your favorite HMI/ SCADA software to low-cost AutomationDirect PLC systems over a serial or 10 Mb Ethernet network.

•Design a low-cost data acquisition/ monitoring system using affordable AutomationDirect PLCs

•Interface custom VisualBASIC or Visual C++ applications to AutomationDirect PLC systems and eliminate time-consuming driver development.

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