Kevlar®/Nomex® Tape


Kevlar®, Nomex® Aramid and glass fibers combine to produce lightweight, high-strength, abrasion-resistant material with Pressure Sensitive Adhesive. Very flexible with little stretching.


Kevlar®, Nomex® Aramid Tape can be draped with minimal elongation. High tear strength & excellent dimensional stability. Good chemical & mildew resistance; Unaffected by most acid and alkali solutions. Color =Light yellow. Self extinguishing, non-melting.


Strips- Woven tapes in narrow widths are ideal for wrapping water & steam piping, protecting hydraulic lines and as lagging & electrical insulation. Make gaskets, pipe wrap & insulating cable. For exceptionally tough mechanical applications. Excellent for use in high moisture & high flex applications. Kevlar® & Nomex® Tapes are an Aramid blend in a woven tape form with Pressure Sensitive Adhesive. Various widths are available.

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