Keypad Graphic Overlays


Custom manufactured keypad graphics that feature imagery which looks like embossing to provide the clear, visual indication of active keys are being introduced. NFi Keypad Graphic Overlays feature detailed dimensional imagery that looks like real embossing and provides a clear, visual indication of active key areas without embossed keys and the cost of tooling.

Ideally suited for a variety of applications, these keypads can be made from polycarbonate or polyester, laminated underneath to prevent machine induced abrasion, and can include spacer backings, zoned adhesives, and EMI/RFI shielding. Available full-color in virtually any size and shape, NFi Keypad Graphic Overlays featuring high-resolution Virtual Button Imagery™ are subsurface printed and can include holes and windows.  For optimum clarity, the window material is the base used to make the keypad and the firm’s Texturite™ process can produce textured finishes. NFi Keypad Graphic Overlays are priced according to construction and quantity.  Price quotations and representative samples are available.  Typical delivery is 5 to 8 days.


  • imagery looks like embossing
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