KFPV050 Series Proportional Control Valves


Humphrey Products Company has introduced the KFPV050 Series Proportional Control Valves for stepless variable control of gases and liquids. The valve is a direct acting 2-port plunger type with a body available in brass or stainless steel. The solenoid can be oriented 360° and its elbow electrical terminal can positioned every 90° top to bottom and left to right for maximum wiring versatility. The valves are designed for use with the KFPC1 Controller which delivers a repeatability and response accuracy of 2% F.S. or less, and a hysteresis of 5% F.S. or less. On-board support circuits make initial setting possible without any external input. The Humphrey KFPC1 Controller accepts standard input signals of 4 - 20mA or 0 - 10V. RAMP response time can be adjusted from zero to 10 seconds to compensate for large fluctuations in the standard input signal. The controller has a zero point switch-off function to ensure all valves are completely closed, LED monitor signals that indicate settings and a built-in temperature compensation circuit. Two potentiometers allow adjustment of the current settings for initial valve opening and when the valve is fully open.
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