Klübersynth GE 14-151 Grease


Klübersynth GE 14-151, a special grease for highly loaded small gears like those found in power tools, consists of a finely balanced combination of ester and synthetic hydrocarbon base oils with an aluminum complex soap thickener. Klübersynth GE 14-151 has a wide service temperature range, good wear protection properties, and a high scuffing load capacity. It also offers excellent protection against tribocorrosion. 


Klübersynth GE 14-151 can be used to lubricate toothed wheels, bearings, joints, and slideways. The optimized oil release behavior enables use in applications that are not sealed oil-tight. With a high scuffing load capacity and good backflow behavior, the grease allows the lubrication of gears with a high sliding ratio. Depending on the temperature, load, and sliding speed, Klübersynth GE 14-151 can even be used on steel/steel, steel/aluminum, and aluminum/aluminum components. When used for lubricating trapezoidal and ball-and-screw spindles, it offers excellent wear protection and smooth running.


Klübersynth GE 14-151 can be used in gears operating at peripheral speeds of approximately 10 m/s with a quasi-complete fill of the gear housing. It can maintain speeds of 65 in./s over the short-term or intermittent operation. Tooth flank lubrication allows a speed of 9.8 in./s.

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