Klübersynth GR 46-52 F Synthetic Grease for Electric Brakes


Klübersynth GR 46-52 F, a fully synthetic special lubricating grease for actuators in motor vehicles.


In today’s vehicles, brake actuators, both for full-service brakes and electric park brakes, have become popular as electric assistants, replacing the formerly used hydraulic circuit. EPDM materials continue to be used, which makes compatible lubricants a necessity.


In this context, Klübersynth GR 46-52 F has a specially tailored chemistry to promote compatibility with EPDM. At the same time, it helps save significant costs as an efficient alternative to the frequently used PFPE—or silicone-oil-based lubricants.


Klübersynth GR 46-52 F is a solid lubricant that ensures reliable separation of surfaces, enabling constant start-up torques over a long lubricant life. The lubricant helps extend component life with a high proportion of sliding friction as well as with rolling motion. This in turn aids in making the driving experience even safer and more comfortable.


Klübersynth GR 46-52 F was specifically developed for electric brake actuators, mostly small actuators, in motor vehicles. The individual actuation method may consist of spur gears, worm gears, spindle mechanisms, and ball screws. The lubricant is ideal where compatibility with EPDM and/or brake fluid is required in polymer/steel material combinations.


  • Extended component life due to

    • good compatibility with EPDM

    • very good low-temperature behavior

    • good behavior in plastic/steel material combinations

  • Cost reduction due to

    • favorably priced base oil

    • use for lifetime lubrication

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