Mitee-Bite cam action edge clamps are well known for fast strong clamping,

leaving the top surface unobstructed, and low cost per clamp.

Now Mitee-Bite Products, Inc. introduces the “Knife Edge Clamp” for clamping

castings and rough cut material. This clamping element, made of hardened steel

and having sharp edges to BITE into the material, retains its low profile and small

size. The Knife Edge Clamp is ideal for clamping castings because it always

follows the contour of the workpiece for maximum holding.

Knife Edge Clamps are available in three sizes, 3/8 –16,   ½ - 13 and 5/8 –11

screws. The clamp, simply comprised of a cam screw and hardened washer,

tightens a workpiece with a quarter turn of the screw.

To increase production and save space use the Mitee-Bite Knife Edge Clamp for

your castings and rough cut material.

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