Korrvu® Hybrid™ Package


Sealed Air Corporation, known for its packaging innovations, announces a new variation of Korrvu® suspension and retention packaging that combines the best aspects of both formats into a third new hybrid category. The new patent-pending Korrvu® Hybrid™ package design looks like Korrvu® retention packaging, but gives the superior performance benefit of Korrvu® suspension packaging.

Similar to Korrvu® retention packaging, the Korrvu® Hybrid™ package uses a proprietary retention frame and elastomeric film to hold the items securely in place during shipment. When the side flaps of the corrugated retention frame are folded up, the resilient film is loosened, creating an insertion pocket where the item is placed. When the flaps are folded down, the film, which is attached to the corrugated frame, stretches over the product and holds it securely in place.

Like a Korrvu® suspension package, the Hybrid™ package holds the item securely in the
airspace of the shipping container and away from the sides of the box. The new design is ideal for low-profile products requiring retention-type surface protection with a suspension-type hold, such as small electronics including cell phones, cameras and laptops.
Korrvu® Hybrid™ packaging provides a lower cost solution with improved manufacturing
efficiency compared to suspension packaging. Since the hybrid design requires fewer steps in
manufacturing and assembly than other Korrvu® suspension packages, companies can benefit from a lower package cost and decreased labor costs. Additionally, the new design allows increased marketing opportunity because it allows for side-by-side or stacked display.

“More than 20 years ago, Sealed Air introduced Korrvu® suspension and retention
packaging,” stated Don Doering, global director of sales for Sealed Air’s Korrvu® packaging. “We are continually working to bring more Korrvu® product offerings to the market to provide
environmentally responsible options to meet the ever-changing packaging needs of our customers.”

As with all Korrvu® designs, the hybrid package provides an opportunity for source
reduction, is curbside recyclable and contains more than 30 percent recovered paper, making it easy for customers to be environmentally responsible. Companies can be assured their Korrvu®
packaging designs meet even the strictest international recycling policies, including Germany’s
RESY requirements and China’s Restriction of Hazardous Substances, also known as China RoHS.

In addition, the packaging stores flat to reduce transportation and storage requirements.

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