Kynar Pressure Regulator for Ultra-Pure Liquids


Plast-O-Matic Valves, Inc. has developed a new pressure reducing valve using thermoplastic materials selected specifically for semiconductor, pharmaceutical, and other industries requiring ultra-high purity.

Series PRH-U is constructed of a machined Kynar 740 PVDF body and metal-ion-free EPDM seals to provide the highest possible purity in a fused piping system.  In addition to the ultra-pure materials, Plast-O-Matic uses a 3-step cleaning process.  This includes a proprietary pre-assembly clean room treatment, a post-assembly hot and cold 8-hour rinse with deionized water, and a final class 100 clean and double-bag procedure.  Independent lab tests verify that the PRH-U has the lowest contamination levels of any PVDF pressure reducing valve currently available.

In addition to its ultra-high purity levels, Series PRH-U features a non-rising stem to minimize installation height.  It also has a redesigned internal shaft; the smoother shape helps to maximize flow capacity.  All external fasteners are non-wetted and capped to prevent atmospheric corrosion.

Spigot type bead-and-crevice free pipe connections are standard in sizes 1/2" through 3", and can be specified to match any major PVDF pipe supplier dimensions.  Valves regulate downstream pressure from 10-125 PSI, with maximum inlet pressure of 150 PSI.


  • metal-ion-free EPDM seals
  • machined Kynar 740 PVDF body
  • non-rising stem to minimize installation height
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