Lab Management Solution Enhances Scheduling


QATrax is designed specifically for the test lab environment, managing projects and test plans through the product life cycle. It handles work requests, test equipment, personnel, equipment under test, test methods and test sequences. It is also designed to support quality standards including ISO 17025.


QATrax provides managers, engineers, and technicians with real-time visibility even into test labs dispersed around the world. It has a significant impact on the time it takes to get new products to market.


There is no other scheduling application like QATrax for test lab management. The engine uses associations between test workstations, test methods and operators to help you manage workload ensuring only certified Technicians are scheduled to operate your tests, scheduling your Maintenance, Internal Audits, and Equipment Calibrations.


It includes full migration to 64-bit server applications. This means more memory can be allocated, more tests can be memory mapped and core processes can be carried out more efficiently.


Compliance with lab standards impacting personnel and equipment is simpler with QATrax. The workflow reinforces your processes. Store all training and testing certifications within QATrax. Similarly, use QATrax to track equipment calibration and ensure that all your equipment records are compliant now and forever.


Leave your engineering talent to do the important work, with less time and effort tied up in non-value added activities like calling lab technicians to see what is in test. Take back this time, use it more effectively.

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