Label & Tape Cart


Labels and rolls are used in manufacturing more than one might think. Simple items that everyone is always looking for, misplaces and just otherwise doesn’t think about too often. Now there is a solution for those troublesome parts that always seem to be getting lost, misplaced or damaged…a Creform built cart specifically designed to hold rolls of labels and tape for the production process.

            The cart is built using Creform system of pipe and joints and is focused on keeping the stock of labels and tape consolidated in one area to help ensure that associates can quickly find the product they are looking for. Its open design makes all the spools visible which fosters visual inventory management and selection. Particularly if there is a wide variety of types, colors and widths used in a mixed-model production environment.


Cart shown features:

  • 46 pin positions
  • 4 large diam casters
  • wide variety of pipe colors
  • dimensions: 26 x 56 x 65 in.
  • 150-lb load capacity
  • optional accessories
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