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Brady announced today the launch of its new BMP®53 Label Maker , the company’s first printer with built-in Bluetooth® technology for wireless printing. The portable printer, which launched to the public this week, gives customers the ability to design and print labels wirelessly using their Android smart phones.

The BMP®53 Label Maker prints on materials up to 1.5” wide and features a built-in Brady Network Card with Bluetooth® technology, as well as an optional Wi-Fi card, for convenient on-the-job label printing.

To print labels wirelessly, customers simply download one of the free Brady Mobile Apps from the Android Marketplace onto their Android phones. The app will read what cartridge is installed in the BMP®53 Label Maker and automatically generate the appropriate label template. Within the app, customers can then design a label from scratch or customize built-in label formats, edit saved labels, create label templates, and print labels directly to the BMP®53 Label Maker.

This new technology limits the need to carry a laptop or separate device during on-site label printing. Customers can import data from Excel to use in the Brady Mobile App, and any files or templates created in the app can be saved onto the mobile device for quick and easy label making in the future.
The two Brady Mobile Apps feature the ability to barcode and contain hundreds of symbols and pictograms. Customers can use the apps to create a variety of different labels, including wire and cable markers, flag labels, terminal block labels, patch panel labels, 110 block, 66 block, or BIX block labels, barcode labels, and general identification labels.
To learn more about the Brady Mobile Apps, or to download them to your Android device, visit the Android Market <>  and search for “Brady Mobile.”

The BMP®53 Label Maker offers a number of new features to help customers create labels more efficiently. One of the most exciting features is the easy-to-load cartridges, which contain both the label material and ribbon. This hassle-free cartridge design ensures customers always have the correct ribbon for their label material, and expedites the process for installing or removing supplies. With Brady’s new “no jam technology,” cartridges are loaded from the top of the printer, and customers simply snap them into place for quick supply change. 
In addition to the new cartridge design, the BMP®53 Label Maker also offers a durable built-in cutter,  high speed print (one inch per second), and USB PC connectivity for advanced label design with Brady’s LabelMark™ Software. The printer has a number of power supply options as well; depending on the customer’s preference, the printer can run on AA batteries, AC power supply, or a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.


  • print labels wirelessly
  • prints on materials up to 1.5” wide
  • built-in Brady Network Card with Bluetooth® technology
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