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Brady announced today the release of its newest handheld printer, the BMP®41 label printer. The new portable printer is exceptionally easy-to-use and can print durable 1” wide die-cut or continuous labels for a variety of datacomm and electrical applications. “Offering a die-cut, portable printer to users provides a far wider selection of label types and a much more efficient process,” says Matt Luger, regional product specialist for printers. “Between the full range of die-cut labels, ultra-rugged construction and the low price-point, this printer offers the ultimate tool in the toolbox for users who are ready to step into a die-cut labeling solution.” The BMP®41 printer is extremely rugged and has been drop tested to withstand up to a six foot drop, among other harsh environments. It also features industrial bumpers with a grab-and-go grip for easy handheld transportation. 

In addition to fitting in one hand, the BMP®41 label printer has NIMH a rechargeable battery for long-lasting power supply, making it easy to take anywhere for on-the-job labeling. The BMP®41 printer features smart-cell technology for simple user set-up and all-in-one drop-in cartridge loading with already-matched ribbon for fast and easy supply changeovers. It can also print up to 250 labels per day at a print speed of 1.3” per second.  With a large graphical LCD display with backlight and QWERTY style keypad, the BMP®41 printer lets users see exactly what their printing. Multiple built-in-wizard applications and graphics are also included to help users create and print labels quickly. Compatible with up to 10 different industry specified materials, the BMP®41 label printer is ideal for applications, such as wire marking, sleeving, panel labeling, terminal block, patch panel, general identification and more. “The BMP®41 label printer allows users to have the materials and label types they need to label their project more efficiently, with fewer errors,” says Nicole Nelson, global product manager for portable systems. “Whether our customer is facing their jobs for the day or a one-off task, we want our users to have a tool that allows them to print it once and get it done.”


  • prints durable 1” wide die-cut or continuous labels
  • smart-cell technology
  • print speed of 1.3” per second
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