labeling system that prints and applies two case labels in a single operation


Weber Marking Systems has introduced its new twin-tamp label printer-applicator, a unit that combines a thermal label printer with a specially configured applicator to handle the printing and two-label, adjacent-panel application of case labels in line.

Called the Model 5300 twin-tamp printer-applicator, the system is available with choice of print engines that offer 203- or 300-dpi label imprinting. Handling a range of label sizes, the print engines produce variable-sized text, bar codes and graphic images at print speeds up to 16 ips.

When a label is printed, it is fed onto a tamp pad that is mounted to a 90-degree swing arm that reaches across a conveyor to blow a pressure-sensitive label onto the front panel of a moving case. Upon the arm’s return, a second label is printed, then applied with a straight-line stroke to the side panel of the case.

To minimize downtime and reduce changeovers, the twin-tamp printer-applicator features a one-to-one relationship among its label supply, liner rewind and ribbon usage. Further flexibility is provided by standard connectivity to product handling systems and high-speed pneumatic components.

The twin-tamp system also features a repositionable operator interface with optional 15-foot umbilical, the capability to incorporate a user-specific PLC, plus remote monitoring of the system’s operation via a web browser. The unit also meets international standards as prescribed by UL, CE, CSA and RoHS.

Weber’s twin-tamp system operates with Weber’s print-apply software, which simplifies label formatting, editing and printing, in addition to providing RFID encoding capabilities. Weber also manufactures a wide variety of pressure-sensitive label materials and RFID smart labels that are suitable for variable thermal or thermal-transfer imprinting,

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